Amlib Library Management System Checklist and Amlibnet [Web Version]

Q. How does your current library software system compare to a modern client/server library system? If you cannot check off the following functions, you need to consider changing systems.

  • Many years of dedicated experience in serving the technological needs of libraries
  • Long-term track record of profitability and steady revenue growth
  • A loyal, satisfied customer base, representing many different types of libraries
  • No "legacy" systems - customers continue to use their original system, updated annually with the latest technological advances available
  • Experience with data conversion from 20 systems and for 300 libraries
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  • A Robust Library Management System – scalable from small libraries with 1 librarian up to larger libraries processing millions of circulation transactions
  • Choice of UNICODE or non-UNICODE platforms for multilingual collections
  • Choice of RDBMS
  • Scalable to any size with advanced multi-tier design
  • Full-text bibliographic search engine
  • Centralized software and configuration management of all desktop clients in the network
  • Easy web browser or MS-Windows configuration for all system administration functions


  • Simple Interview Wizards to enable easy system set-up and local customization
  • Unlimited size of parameter tables
  • Easy global changes for parameter tables
  • Ability to easily establish additional fields
  • Ability to produce statistical reports for these additional fields
  • Fully documented and easy-to-use reference manual on how to add your own functionality

Management Reports

  • Our library software has a variety of report templates [over 450] that are easily customized to provide almost unlimited reporting capabilities
  • Build your own new report templates using a commercial reporting tool
  • Desktop reporting completely integrated with parameter tables
  • Graphical report interface that enables point and click selection of appropriate data elements, time periods, frequencies, output devices, etc.

OPAC/Web Gateway

  • Integrated OPAC and web browser access
  • Ability to design your own OPAC and web pages
  • Custom OPAC profiles based on a user's login
  • Choice of icons for easy searching
  • Powerful Web Opac enabling Borrowers to search the catalogue, place reservations, renew items and view their loans history simply using the Intranet or Internet. Images can be attached to items to enable viewing over the Internet.
  • Link images, sound files and/or video clips to records
  • Enquiry management allowing patrons to communicate with the librarians and vice-versa.
  • Easy access to hyperlinked information

Digital Media Archive

  • A complete library system that provides an easy way to store, organize, and access your library or archive's non-book holdings
  • Maintains a variety of text, audio, and video media formats
  • Supports multiple metadata formats concurrently, including Dublin Core and EAD
  • Simultaneous searching of all formats
  • Full-text and natural language searching
  • Objects stored in their native formats

Client Design

  • Streamlined Windows Wizard for every library software task
  • Artificial intelligence guides users quickly through each process
  • Choice of mouse or keyboard entry
  • Server-based client profiles enable individual user profiles to be moved automatically from one workstation to another
  • Clients are updated automatically with push technology
  • Clients are easily customized to user preferences

Cataloguing/Authority Control

  • Z39.50 copy cataloguing from external libraries
  • Connectivity to OCLC PICA’s federated search engine
  • Easy, direct record overlay
  • Automatic generation of authority headings
  • Interlibrary Loans


  • Divides order amounts and percentages among funds
  • Pre-processing in cataloguing


  • Automatic generation of prediction patterns
  • SICI-based checking to the issue level


  • Windows Wizards interface for minimal staff training
  • E-mail notices
  • Phone notification for all notices

Academic Reserves

  • Global activation and deactivation and update of materials based on instructor, course, term, or reserve desk
  • Full integration with circulation and inventory functions for tracking movement from stacks to reserve location and back


  • Two-year booking calendar
  • Full shipping integration
  • Group bookings
  • User-defined shipping schedules

Outreach Services

  • Library Management of materials delivered to library users (e.g., homebound, nursing homes, schools, prisons, etc.)
  • Schedules deliveries
  • Provides interest profiles
  • Automatic searching and selection of materials to match user profiles
  • Reading histories to avoid duplication


  • Document classification tracking
  • Support for Access Restrictions (AR) and Need to Know (NTK) Restrictions
  • Support for destruction tracking
  • Automatic security-based clearance/classification security


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Other available modules include...

Fully web based system, MS-Windows system, NetOPAC, AmlibNet,
DIY Self Issues, Inter, Offline Module,
Item Reviews, Z39.50 Server, Z39.50 Client
Google™ style keyword search
for: eBooks; eJournals and
websites with the traditional bibliographic records

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