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Amlib Support...`Help improves your journey’

Here at Amlib™ we believe in quality and reliable help and support, giving our clients peace of mind, knowing help is instant and professional.

Our support team have specialised IT knowledge with libraries, and respond to your support queries and questions in a way that you identify with. They will solve and explain in terms you understand and help you move on with your Library Management System.

You can contact us in any way it suits you; by telephone call, e-mail, fax or letter, which ever you use, the quality of our excellence response, will not change.

Telephone support:
Over 87% of our telephone support issues are resolved promptly and professionally by our experienced support team within the first 10 minutes. Every client system query will receive a tag number, which will be tracked and recorded, until resolved.

On-line support:
Will be answered on a first come, first served. Our library software support team monitor the emails on regular time-block intervals and you will receive your response within one hour.

The Amlib Website also as our support `How To Guides’, which can be downloaded, section by section to suit your needs. Also check out our Libray Management System Overview.

Letters & Fax:
Will be answered on a first come, first served. The nature of this type of enquiry means the action will be answered within 2/3 days, all by the same library software support team.

Your Support Comments:
Although we monitor our support team, we also welcome client feedback, to help us ensure our clients receive consistent quality help and support. If you have any comments please log on and tell us about our support team or/and our library software.

Client Support Charges:
There is no extra charge for our high quality Amlib™ library software support, it is included in your Annual Library Software Maintenance Contract.

Software Upgrades
Unlike other companies, with the Amlib library system all and any upgrades are free of charge, just like your library software support, they are included in your Annual Software Maintenance Contract.

These are a few of benefits that our team and library software can bring to your library if you would like a brochure, more information or a free on-site demonstration; please Contact Us you will hear back from us within 48 hours or telephone +44(0)1256 300 790
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