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Amlib Library Software for Prison Libraries

Amlib library system offers a proven solution for your library and can expertly handle small libraries with a few users, to very large multi-site users. It is a very user friendly and windows based system

The heart of our library software is an easy to use uncluttered and user-friendly design with fully integrated modules and unlike some other systems all your day to day needs are included in the standard set up...

Circulation … including Loans, Renewals, Returns, Reserves
Borrower Management … Catalogue & Authority
Orders & Finance … Offline Circulation
Serials & Periodicals … Reporting & Notices
Stock Item Management … including Stock Take
Supervisor … OPAC … Enquiry Management
Inter Library Loans … Access Controlled Security
Other available modules include...
Fully web based system, MS-Windows system, NetOPAC, AmlibNet,
DIY Self Issues, Offline Module,
Item Reviews, Z39.50 Server, Z39.50 Client
Google™ style keyword search for: eBooks; eJournals and
websites with the traditional bibliographic records

The Amlib Advantages continue with...

  • A Robust Library Management System – scalable from small libraries with 1 librarian up to larger libraries processing millions of circulation transactions
  • Web browser OPAC based using Internet or an Intranet
  • Create multiple Web Opac interfaces (e.g. offsite & internal)
  • Powerful web Opac enabling patrons to search the catalogue, place reservations and view their loans history simply using the Intranet or Internet. Images can be attached to items to enable viewing over the Internet.
  • Hot Topics can easily be updated by library staff regularly, within our library system
  • Save time with import/update of client data from your office admin software
  • Maintain special interest profiles with automatic notification when new items are received that match the profile
  • Multi-media support, including integration with electronic documents/resources and web sites
  • Our library software will import web addresses and links to electronic data
  • Display art work, planning documents and other graphical catalogue items.
  • Graphical display of authorities such as authors’ photos. These photos are then viewable from the NetOPAC
  • Customise with flexible system parameters including multiple library locations (each with their own loan policies)
  • Delivery of notices via Email and SMS
  • Scheduled notices can be automatically printed and sorted
  • Global item changes
  • Easy to use Stock-take facility
  • Experience with data conversion from 20 library systems and 300 libraries
  • Marc 21 and Z39.50 Compatible, with ability to load Catalogue records and search other libraries worldwide from within Amlib library system
  • Choice of MS-Windows client server or full web browser technology or a combination
  • Link images, sound files and/or video clips to records
  • Based on Gupta SQLBase, Microsoft SQLServer & Oracle Relational Database Technology for 24 hour system operation and automated backups
  • The Amlib library system Integrates with 3rd party ‘search’ engines and Virtual Learning Environments such as Moodle, BlackBoard

Check out our Libray Management System Overview on our website

The Amlib library system is very flexible in many areas, which means we can customise the look and the feel, to include your own Prison identity. There are many other options that are available, and our team would gladly spend time discussing them with you.

Here at Amlib we believe in making the whole Library Management process as easy as possible, so to make this happen and help librarians and users alike, the following is in place and ready to assist you.

Full onsite training, easy to use ‘How To’ documents, which you can be down loaded from our website, as and when you require them.

We provide a Telephone Help Desk for instant help and response

You receive Free of charge library software upgrades as and when released, check out more information on

Overall back up and support that is surpassed by no one in this industry

Amlib has experience with data conversion from 20 library systems and over 300 libraries

All our team has the technical expertise to help and assist with the implementation and set up procedure

User Groups to help both librarians with their library software, and Amlib, for product and client service development

Amlib understands librarians and their work, we are here to help and respond to all your requests, check out more information on

These are a few of benefits that our library software can bring to your library, if you would like more information, or a free on-site demonstration please contact you will hear back from us within 48 hours or telephone +44(0)1256 300 790 * Outlook link ** Link to other page
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