Amlib Library System: A Hosted Solution

The Amlib Library Software Hosted Solution

A Hosted solution is a partnership between the Library and Amlib/Applied Network Solutions (ANS). At ANS we have 20 years experience in the efficient management of SQL databases and experience in setting up and maintaining Hosted solutions. We also have staff with over 9 years experience in training, supporting and development of the Amlib Library Management system. The benefits of a hosted library software solution are:

  • Operation and access to your Amlib library software database 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Automatic updates to software to ensure a state of the art product
  • Automatic SQL and Amlib updates and version upgrades as released
  • Consistent, regular maintenance
  • Automatic backups with managed, off-site storage of backups for your library system
  • Expert support in SQL and the Amlib library system
  • Documentation of the setup and ongoing management procedures
  • Data warehousing of up to 4 GB
  • Communication lines of 2Mg

The Amlib Library Software Hosted Solution includes:

Onsite visit to extract data
Set up of Servers (Web Server and Database Server)
Set up of firewalls and security
Ongoing installation of Microsoft Service Packs as required
Ongoing installation of all Amlib library software updates/upgrades
Ongoing cost of SQL Server licenses
Maintenance of firewall and security
Ongoing operator support up to 10 hours pw for backup maintenance and file support
24/7 access to Amlib db if required
Implementation of secure access for Library staff to offsite Amlib database
Set up of passive backup servers in the event of hardware failure

Check out our Libray Management System Overview and find out more About Us and our services

All our systems are backed by our library software Support Team

These are a few of benefits Hosting and our library software can bring to your library, if you would like a brochure, more information or a free on-site demonstration; please Contact Us you will hear back from us within 48 hours or telephone +44(0)1256 300 790
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