Amlib Library Software Integrated Amlib Z Client (Z39.50 Client) Module

Amlib library software provides an integrated Z39.50 Client (also known as ZClient) within the Amlib Catalogue module for easily searching of other libraries and databases.

The Amlib ZClient has an additional benefit of being able to select a range of records from a search result and immediately import into the Amlib Catalogue databases – an easy way for creating orders and importing marc records.

Amlib ZServer Module
(Z39.50 Server) In order for the Amlib ZClient software to search other libraries and databases, the target library database needs to have a Z39.50 Server module installed.

Likewise, to enable other libraries to search your database, or if you wish to simultaneously search other databases as well as your own Amlib database in a single search, you will need to purchase the Amlib ZServer Module (the Amlib ZServer Module requires that the Amlib NetOpacs Module has already been installed on the same server).

Amlib’s ZServer module supports Z39.50 version 3 standard, including display of holdings and circulation status.

Amlib ZOpacs Module
(Browser Based Z39.50 Client)

Would you like to provide a web based search for your Library software Users to search your own database as well as other libraries in a single Z39.50 search?

If so, the new Amlib ZOpacs Browser based client is for you!

The Amlib ZOpacs module has the added benefit of displaying bibliographic holdings (copies) as well as the circulation status (e.g. On Loan) for supported Z39.50 platforms, making it ideal for consortiums and library districts.

Z39.50 Information Retrieval Standard
Z39.50 is an international information retrieval standard that enables communication between computer systems, including those that operate on different hardware and use different library software.

Some of the benefits that Z39.50 provides to libraries:
  • Z39.50 Client Software can easily search other libraries and databases (e.g. Brodart, Ebsco) regardless of the library software used
  • Time saving when searching by searching other libraries and databases simultaneously in a single search

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