Amlib library Software with AmlibNet Web Based Library Management Modules

AmlibNet is the web enabled modules for the Amlib Library System. This means you have the choice of using Amlib as a MS-Windows client/server system, a web based system or a combination.

AmlibNet modules are hosted on Windows 200x web application servers and feature the following modules:
Borrower Management
Stock Item Management
Authority Control
Budgeting and Finance
Supervisor (for senior librarians)

The AmlibNet Advantage that work within our library software:

Allows a librarian to ‘multi-task’ efficiently e.g. perform circulation tasks at the same time as cataloguing with its support for multiple web browser sessions.

Allows the library staff to take and answer enquiries from patrons anywhere where they can access a web browser, all through our library system.

Easy to administer. AmlibNet modules are configured from a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) or from a MS-Windows workstation without having to install any additional software on the PC. This works very simply with the Amlib library system.

Because the configuration and supervisor modules are web browser based, you can easily use hosted services if your own IT staff are overloaded, but your library staff remain in total control.

Like the Amlib library system AmlibNet is easy to deploy. AmlibNet modules can be accessed from any web browser workstation without having to install any additional software on the PC.

Reduce Costs on remote access—enables access to Amlib across the web, a VPN or intranet without having to use software such as Citrix.

Customise with HTML design templates with your own text, colours, logos and help messages.

Can be configured across multiple web application servers for powerful system performance and different user interfaces depending on access point (e.g. internal users and external contractors).

Flexible system parameters including individual user preferences to maximise individual AmlibNet screens, automatic resizing of each Browser window, and the placement of screens on your desktop.

Improve Performance and save network costs with high speed internet access.

Fully compatible with the “feature rich” Windows Client Server version of Amlib, including utilising existing Amlib user security profiles.

Uses industry standard RDBMS: Gupta SQLBase, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.

Technology for 24 hour system operation and automated backups. If the backup process sounds daunting, Amlib includes software to automate your backup process.

If your network goes down or web browser access fails, there is an offline module allowing you to continue to run your library services from a PC.

Improve Productivity by opening multiple sessions of the same application... Plus many of the other features that are available as standard within Amlib library software.

Amlib understands librarians and their work, we are here to help and respond to all your requests. All our systems are backed by our Support Team, please check out Library Management System check list.

These are a few of benefits that our library software can bring to your library, if you would like a brochure, more information or a free on-site demonstration; please Contact Us you will hear back from us within 48 hours or telephone +44(0)1256 300 790
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