Amlib Library Software: NetOPAC

The Amlib library systems enables patrons to ‘Surf’ your Catalogue!

Would you like your borrowers to be able to search your catalogue and place their own reservations?

Would you like to increase service to patrons so that they can renew their own loans, view their history and display a list of new material received by the library that matches their individual profile?

If you answered ‘Yes’ then the Amlib library software NetOpacs is a “must have” module for your library!

Amlib library system NetOPAC allows Patrons to dynamically search your Amlib catalogue via the Internet (or configured using an organisation’s Intranet) in real time. Installed on a Windows 2000/2003/2008 web server, the NetOPAC client operates within a standard web browser.

School and Corporate libraries wishing to distribute NetOPAC to each classroom or office can provide access to the Library Catalogue simply by placing a link / bookmark / favorite to the NetOpacs server without any additional software installed on the client PC.

Other search features on our library software provided within NetOPAC include:

  • Filter search by Location and Item Format (e.g. Book, CD) Display Loan statues of items e.g. On Shelf, On Order, 6 Reserves, etc
  • Customise NetOpacs display (text, fonts, colours, etc.) to match your organisation’s existing web presence
  • Select multiple matching authorities and immediately display all items with current status — no navigating backwards to see status or location
  • Link to via ISBN to display additional information such as book covers, reviews, etc
  • User defined sort sequence for each search (e.g. sort by location, author, date received, etc.)
  • Only display selected information in your search results
  • Automatically hyperlink all authorities in the item marc data. For example if searching for a book by the author, a patron can click on the subject in the item data to automatically start a new subject and displays all items with the same subject.
  • Attached multi-media data to catalogue records and view online
  • Configure as a multi-media gateway to information including web sites, electronic documents, photographs and much more

System options (as part of the standard Amlib Supervisor module) allow libraries to specify each search available to the patron, together with the Marc tags and keywords fields searched.

Amlib support ‘keyword’ and ‘browser’ searches.

With our library software libraries can set up to their own “pre defined searches” e.g. “New Books this Month” which will search real-time all Books added to the database within the last 30 days. This means that the library does not need to manually compile & publish lists each month; the information provided via the NetOPAC is always up to date.

With our library software NetOPAC your library can choose to provide other facilities to Patrons Including:

  • Making enquiries directly to the librarian and allowing the patron to view the responses
  • Reserve items and selected Collect Location
  • View current loans, reservations, charges and borrower History
  • Suggest items not held by the library
  • View library memos from library staff
  • Renew items currently on loan (either all or individually). Items can only be renewed subject to system parameters (e.g. where item not overdue, number of renewals is has not exceeded renewal limit, etc.)

The NetOPAC usage statistics can be trapped for reporting so that you can identify the popular web pages and services and change little used services. Our overall back up and support is surpassed by no one in this industry

All our services and library systems are backed by our specialist library software Support Team. Learn more About Us and please check out our Library Management System Overview

These are a few of benefits that our team and library software can bring to your library, if you would like a brochure, more information or a free on-site demonstration; please Contact Us you will hear back from us within 48 hours or telephone +44(0)1256 300 790
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